Company of the Year 2023: Bronze Award!

Company of the Year 2023: Bronze Award

MEGA's story impressed at the national competition

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MEGA applications for organic (BIO) products

MEGA applications for organic (BIO) products

Replace ion-exchange resin technology and save extra operating costs

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30 let technologií, inovací a vizí

30 Years of Technologies, Innovations & Visions

Technological companies with worldwide reach.

World-class industrial surface treatment

World-class Industrial Surface Treatment

Materials, technologies and services for modern industrial coating.

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Bioremediation of landfill leacheates.

Environmental Services

Advanced remediation based on patented solutions.

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Our Four Essential Elements

Electromembrane filtration based on custom RALEX® membranes brings industries double profit in both recovery of valuable ingredients and smaller waste amount.

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Materials, technologies and services for industrial surface treatment are based on cataphoresis and other modern technologies.

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Environmental consultancy, landscape revitalization, remediation of old ecological burdens based on innovative patented procedures and deep knowledge of hydrogeology.

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We design and provide complete technologies for process water, potable water, industrial water, and wastewater treatment.

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EuroMembrane 2024 – Prague, Czech Republic

EuroMembrane 2024 – Prague, Czech Republic

MEGA is a proud general sponsor, join us!

8-12 September 2024
Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic
500+ speakers from around the world

The upcoming EuroMembrane conference is scheduled for 8-12 September 2024 and will take place at the Prague Congress Centre in the Czech Republic.

World’s most important membrane conference in 2024, which brings together researchers, industry professionals, and technologists to discuss the latest advances in membrane technologies, including development, and new applications.

We are a proud general sponsor. Join us at EuroMembrane 2024 to be a part of the change that drives the industry forward. We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Industrial Solutions

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Dolomites Milk - Demineralization of sweet whey for nutrition formulas

Dolomites Milk, Italy

Demineralization of sweet whey for nutrition formulas

MEGA was approached by Dolomites Milk to help solve the challenge of processing large volumes of sweet whey of varying compositions from local farmers.

MEGA developed a tailor-made technology solution while maintaining the client's requirement for future expandability and flexibility in the design of the industrial unit. Dolomites Milk has expanded its unit to full size in a very short time and is now producing demineralized whey at various desalination levels of DWP 40, DWP 50, DWP 70, and DWP 90.

Dolomites Milk highlights

Large daily volumes Expanding production capacity Variable desalination levels
Find out more about whey demineralization
Find out more about whey demineralization
Ultrafiltration for process water recovery

Thermal power plant Prunerov II, Czech republic

Ultrafiltration for process water recovery

Prunerov II Power Plant is the youngest coal-fired power plant of ČEZ, a. s. and the largest thermal power plant in the Czech Republic. The continuous supply of process water for cooling has become a major problem in recent dry years.

MEGA technologists proposed a comprehensive water treatment solution by supplementing the existing groundwater source with river water from the nearby river Ohře. MEGA implemented the entire project on a turnkey basis, including four ultrafiltration units as part of the entire solution. The average yield of the system is 95%.

Prunerov II highlights

UF of river water OPEX reduction Operational continuity
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Find out more about water treatment
Iveco Czech Republic case study

Iveco, Czech Republic

We are supplying a wide scale of materials

One of the world’s biggest manufacturer of buses has been our satisfied customer for years. We are supplying a wide scale of materials including pre-treatment, cataphoresis coating, liquids and powder coating.

Besides the materials MEGA provides services related to the operation of surface coating lines including in-site service. The regular supplier rating is always “A”.

Iveco highlights

Cataphoresis Pre-treatment In-site service
Find out more about surface treatment
Find out more about surface treatment
Glycol recycling

CLASSIC Oil s.r.o., Buštěhrad, Czech Republic

Glycols recycling (antifreeze & HVAC coolants) by electrodialysis

CLASSIC Oil s.r.o., the largest Czech manufacturer of coolant/antifreeze and heat transfer fluids, has been using the unique RALEX® ART electromembrane technology from MEGA since 2017. It is used to process the glycol solution for its subsequent recycling. Coolants, antifreeze and HVAC fluids are recycled by electrodialysis and can be reused to produce new coolant fluids. At the same time, the innovative nature of the recycling process is more nature friendly, where the glycols saved do not burden the environment and also reduce the amount of waste produced.

In 2019, 100 tons of waste material was recycled thanks to this technology. For every 1,000 litres of waste material, 900 litres of pure product is produced that meets strict ASTM standards.

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Ask about this project
BioCNG pro města

Municipal wastewater treatment plant, Brno

BioCNG for cities - powered by biogas gained from wastewater

The pilot project "BioCNG for cities", carried out together with the Circular Economy Institute, Brno municipal water system, and MemBrain, uses gas generated by wastewater treatment as a fuel for public transport. The project was awarded by Smart City Innovation institute.

The BioCNG BU-12 unit was connected to sludge gas in the BVK municipal wastewater treatment plant Modřice. The produced biomethane was refuelled into the DP Brno bus. 36 fillings were made with a total consumption of 1660 kg. The BioCNG unit ran 1068 hours without a single unplanned outage.

The transition from agricultural biogas to sludge gas passed off without any problems.

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Ask about this project

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