MEGA applications for organic (bio) products

MEGA applications for organic (BIO) products

Replace ion-exchange resin technology and save extra operating costs

Did you know?

MEGA ED meets the requirements of EU Regulations 2018/848 and 2020/464 about organic food production.

Purification of organic (BIO) compounds

Purification of organic compounds

Organic food ingredients suitable for electrodialysis treatment

Organic dextrose
Organic maltodextrin
Organic glucose syrups
Organic starch
Organic fruit juices
Organic sweet whey powder

MEGA offers new technology, which can fully meet the organic product requirements while successfully removing the ash content from the feed solution and therefore lowering the amount of salt in the final product.

Electrodialysis as a solution for organic (BIO) quality food and beverages production

The right equipment for organic products treatment

The right equipment for organic products treatment

MEGA electrodialysis (ED) is suitable for replacing ion-exchange resin technology. In addition, our technology complies with EU regulations on organic-based products and saves operating costs at the same time.

ED works as a replacement for ion-exchange resin technologies to further remove dissolved solids, organic acids or acidification and deacidification of organic (BIO) products.

The MEGA electrodialysis technology does not use any chemicals and therefore does not change the composition of the treated product, which would be contrary to the idea of organic products.

 EU Regulation 2020/464

Did you know?

According to the new EU Regulation 2020/464, ion exchangers and adsorber resins can only be used for organic foods for specific nutritional purposes (Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 Art 1 Paragraph 1 a) and b)). Essentially, for products that are used for the nutrition of infants and small children. All other organic products must not be produced using ion-exchange columns. This creates an issue for many producers due to the extensive use of resins in many organic products.

We have developed a high-tech technology complying with EU regulations, particularly 2018/848 and 2020/464 about organic food production.

You cannot compromise on quality and regulations, whatever organic beverage you produce - beer, wine, juices, soft drinks, or organic dairy and sugar products. MEGA solution helps you meet the industry’s growing challenges with ever-increasing EU legislation demands while maintaining the high quality of the final organic products.

What is glycerin used for

Does it apply to me?

Electrodialysis reversal (EDR) is not a competitor to ion-exchange (IEX) technology, but each technology has its specific advantages. However, according to EU Regulations 2018/848 and 2020/464, products that have used ion-exchange technology in their production must not bear the organic-product mark or label. In comparison, electrodialysis technology can be used for this purpose.

Regulations 2018/848 and 2020/464 apply to many (and any) industries using the label Organic/BIO, mostly:

  • Sugar industry
  • Starch products
  • Fruit juice processing
  • Dairy industry

How does it work?

How does it work?

Comparing to IEX technologies ED doesn't touch the basic structure of material but removes dissolved solids by natural attraction of charged ionized particles towards the electrodes.

What we do for food and beverage organic production

Organic (BIO) products that can be treated by electrodialysis

Organic glucose syrups, maltodextrin and dextrose. These ingredients are used for a wide range of foods such as baby food, meat and sausages, bakery products, fruit preparation, aromas, sport nutrition, pharmaceutical products, beverages, seasoning etc.

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ED can replace IEX to produce sweetness in traditionally acidic fruits as grapes, apples, and pears in order to prepare a number of different juices, jams, or concentrates for drinks.

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Contact us for a similar solution

In whey treatment, ED is already traditionally used for demineralization of organic sweet whey powder. In some cases, customers apply only a partial demineralization rate (like D70) with IEX as a polisher. For these cases, we can apply electrodialysis for complete desalination to use whey in many follow-up food formulas.

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Continue to diary products demineralization       Contact us for a similar solution

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