Ultrapure water (UPW) system

Ultrapure Water – Deionized Water System

High purity water by MPure™ electrodeionization

Did you know?

The conductivity of ultrapure water is around 0.055 uS/cm at 25oC, also expressed as resistivity of 18.2 MΩ∙cm.

What is ultrapure water


Ultrapure water (UPW or high-purity water) is water that has been purified to very strict specifications as close as possible to pure H2O by combining water purification component technologies. In addition the UPW has solid substances, salts, organic particles and dissolved gases removed.

Why choose ultrapure water production by MEGA EDI solution


MEGA provides electrodeionization solutions for ultrapure water production. Electrodeionization (EDI) is a deionization technology to produce high purity water. It typically operates after a pretreatment and reverse osmosis process.

Cost considerations of MEGA high purity water application

  • Redundancy (water need, storage tanks, shelf spare parts...)
  • Stack lifetime
  • Energy consumption
  • Stack costs
  • Cleaning frequency
  • Stack replacement costs
  • Reliability
Main benefits of MEGA deionized water system

Main benefits of MEGA deionized water system

  • Industrial application modules capable of reaching 18.2 MΩ∙cm product water resistivity
  • MPure™ line of modules covers flow rates from 0.8 m3/h to 15 m3/h
  • Low-cost EDI system building
  • Suitable for high flow rate systems
  • Small footprint – suitable for operation inside containers
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modularity and redundancy – modules in the shape of cubes with different options of interconnection
  • Option for direct discharge of electrode stream
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Main benefits of MEGA deionized water system

MEGA UPW technology industries

  • Power industry - boiler feed water
  • Rinse water for electronics and semiconductor industry
  • Industrial process water
  • Pharmaceutical industry

EDI technology by MEGA helps many companies in various industries to reach ultrapure water with less costs and more benefits to the environment.

Advantages of electrodeionization (EDI) over conventional Mixed Bed technology

Advantages of electrodeionization (EDI) over conventional Mixed Bed technology

In ion-exchange columns (cation, anion, mixed bed), the ion exchange capacity is limited and requires regeneration by acid and caustic. Electrodeionization operates without regeneration chemicals. The elimination of bulk chemical storage and neutralization systems reduces the footprint of the water treatment system. High purity water is produced continuously at competitive costs. The main benefits of EDI are:

  • Elimination of regeneration chemicals
  • Continuous operation = stable product water quality
  • Small footprint
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Effective redundancy
  • Environment-friendly technology

Our ultrapure water projects

High purity water system in Energy Usti nad Labem


Rehabilitation and upgrade of process water treatment plant using UPW

MEGA has supplied High Purity Water Treatment EDI units as a part of a novel membrane-only water treatment solution. The facility in the company ENERGY in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, needed an upgrade after decades of heavy duty.

Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and EDI units were selected to process river water into ultrapure water. MPure™ EDI by MEGA has proven to be able to operate in demanding conditions with high CO2 level, cope with differences in input feed and steadily provide the heating facility with the ultrapure water with 16 MΩ resistivity. Contact us below to find out how a similar solution can help your business.

ENERGY highlights

UPW with 16 MΩ resistivity Process efficiency Operate with high CO2 level
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Ask about this project

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