Membrane processes in industrial applications

Membrane Processes in Industrial Applications

Electrodialysis, electrodeionization and bipolar membranes in RALEX® industrial units and solutions

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RALEX® membranes by MEGA have been developed and manufactured since 1985

MEGA is developing and manufacturing the RALEX® membranes which we use to produce stacks. And we use our stacks to assemble complete ED and EDI units from laboratory to large-industrial-scale water treatment units.

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Advanced electrodialysis provides industries with means of minimizing waste or concentrating valuable ingredients. Extensive R&D is the key to continuous innovation and manufacturing of our own membranes, modules and units. System design is based on 30+ years of industrial experience.

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We solve all whey and other milk by-products issues. You save money on waste disposal and make money on selling or internal reusing of processed whey.

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Special Applications

This segment includes a broad spectrum of applications of electromembrane processes in various spheres of industry, from food, nutritional supplements and beverages (saccharides, wine, juices), to production, purification and reuse of valuable substances. Verification of the separation process with your specific feed samples can be done on a small laboratory scale in the Membrane Innovation Centre or on-site using our pilot units.

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RALEX® membranes

The RALEX® membranes provide excellent mechanical and electrochemical properties. High heat and chemical stability allow use in different industries including food processing and a lifetime up to 10 years. Low electric conductivity and high permselectivity keep the operation cost down and provide reliable separation.

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Looking for a tailored solution?

Solutions by MEGA are based on the outcome of our own research and development. As we are also the manufacturers of membranes, modules and units, our engineers will tailor the technology to your issue. Get in touch with our sales team to get a solution.

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