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Researchers cover the complete process from the membrane to the unit.

Experienced and skilled professionals specialize in membranes, stacks or units development.

Modern instruments precisely measure changes inside materials.

Why MemBrain

Connection MemBrain + MEGA

Connection MemBrain + MEGA

MemBrain is a subsidiary of MEGA, operating the Membrane Innovation Centre. Continuous research keeps us on the verge of trends in the membrane processes. All the experience from industrial projects brings feedback into research and generates new applications. Thanks to outstanding operation properties, custom membranes and units, electro membrane processes can be used in more and more industries. Together, we are bringing process innovations as well as complete technological solutions to the market.

What we do


Water is used virtually everywhere around us. We drink it at home, it heats radiators in our homes and cools power plants, it contains chemicals, e.g. fertilizers, and it is used in production of vaccines and tablets. All water polluted by organic and inorganic substances is cleaned, treated, concentrated and recycled before its re-use. Water is the strongest element and our technology can process it.

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We demineralize whey and process other dairy products. We remove unwanted salts and acids from wine, juices and solutions of monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides. With wine and juices, we also secure microbiological stability and adjust pH withthout the need to use chemicals.

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Organic acids, metals and other expensive industrial substances. Saccharides, amino acids and specialties from the field of food processing and pharmaceutic preparations have high added value. We are able to separate from them unwanted substances, primarily salts, and return valuable substances from the useless mixture into the production process. With this, we protect the nature and help industrial enterprises to increase their income.

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Scheduled inspections at the point of installation provide exhaustive evaluation during regular production. Membrane samples are sent to MEGA laboratory for testing to show early signs of scaling or fouling. Assessment with recommendations is handed over at the end of each visit.

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Biogas stations serve to produce electric power and to heat buildings. We develop technologies for separation of biogas for production of biomethane, which is an alternative of natural gas. It is used to propel cars, buses, trucks and tractors under the marking of bioCNG, pressed into the gasworks network and burnt in gas boilers. More potential we see in production of pyrolysis gas, separation of nitrogen and oxygen.

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The objective of the Membrane Innovation Centre (MIC) is to create conditions for interconnection of necessary scientific disciplines, covering the field of membrane materials with links to devices and technological application, and for systematic cooperation with the advanced research and industrial partners. The research activity is conducted within order activities as contractual research and also through grants and collaborative projects. Research and development is focused on membrane processes propelled by the electric field and pressure difference.

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Turning bio gas into fuel

Biomethane production, Czechia

Turning biogas into fuel

Tap into your biogas stream and purify it into bioCNG to fuel your vehicles or sell it further. Our patented scalable containered solution is suitable also for small biogas generators, requires little infrastructure and is very efficient, as the waste stream is fully utilized in a cogenerator with the raw biogas.

Biogas is a by-product in agriculture, food industry or wastewater treatment. It is mainly used to run cogeneration units, providing both electricity and heating.

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