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International Conference Euromembrane

From 28 November to 2 December 2021, the international Euromembrane conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. MEGA Group companies were one of the proud sponsors of this conference dedicated to membrane processes. Dr. Marek Bobák from our R&D MemBrain had the honour to open the section "Electromembrane processes" with a lecture focused on the application of electrodialysis in wastewater treatment and the so-called "waste-free" system of their operation.

Furthermore, the results of their work were presented by Eva Bernardová (use of 3D printing in electromembrane modules) and Jakub Fehér (membrane crystallization using anion-exchange hollow fibres). Both researchers are also members of the MemBrain research team.

04. 12. 2021

International Conference Euromembrane

Students’ Projects Workshop 2021

The 9th annual Students’ Projects Workshop took place on 24 November. Due to pandemic measures, the entire event was held online. The evaluation committee and the organizers from the Czech Membrane Platform met in person at the Membrane Innovation Centre to watch the online presentations of students from Czech and Polish universities.

26. 11. 2021

Students’ Projects Workshop 2021

AQUATECH 2021, Amsterdam, Nizozemsko

From 2 to 5 November 2021, MEGA again exhibited at Aquatech Amsterdam, the world's leading trade fair for process, drinking and wastewater treatment and applications.

MEGA presented the new EDR-30 stack and new applications in cooperation with MemBrain, such as lithium processing. The rest of the presentation was as usual devoted to ZLD applications using electrodialysis and ultrapure water production using EDI.

12. 11. 2021

AQUATECH 2021, Amsterdam, Nizozemsko

14th Biennial Conference CzWA

The 14th biennial conference CzWA "VODA 2021" took place from 22 to 24 September on the premises of the castle in Litomyšl. The biennial conference VODA is the flagship conference of the Czech Water Association (CzWA) and a forum for bringing together a wide range of participants from the field of water management and environmental protection with the aim of sustainable development of society.

At the conference, our colleague Monika Heřmánková gave a lecture on the replacement of conventional technologies and water recycling in industry, which she combined with a presentation of the results obtained from the commissioning of the ultrafiltration unit at the Prunéřov II power plant, namely the effect of extreme precipitation on the acceptance tests at the Prunéřov II power plant.

Read more about our project and how MEGA membrane technology helps to process river water through ultrafiltration.

30. 09. 2021

14th Biennial Conference CzWA

MEMPUR 2021 Conference

The third annual MEMPUR - Membrane Processes for Sustainable Development - conference, which took place from 6 to 7 September 2021 at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, was also financially supported by the MEGA Group. The conference was attended by 94 participants, and there were presented 24 short lectures, 4 plenary lectures and 16 posters.

10. 09. 2021

MEMPUR 2021 Conference

MEGA launches new EDR-20/200 module and EWDU 10xEDR-20 2S

In April 2021, MEGA officially launched the new EDR-20/200 module and the EWDU 10xEDR-20 2S unit. These combine the existing knowledge from the operation of the existing units, all the benefits from previous generations of ED units and the application of the latest process innovations. The unit is designed primarily for the processing of dairy products or products falling under the so-called special applications.

The module was innovated based on the knowledge gained during the operation of the EDR-II module and the development of the ED-IF module. The innovation shoves higher mechanical stability, easier cleaning, and most importantly, a reduction in OPEX, i.e. operating costs, and an increase in ED unit performance.

The unit stands out for its compactness and modularity, where the same unit design can be used to configure 4-10 modules. This gives customers tremendous flexibility in scheduling investments as production capacity grows. This compactness is very important for saving floor space.

The combination of the new EDR-20/200 module with the new design of the EWDU 10xEDR-20/200 2S unit has created a technology that will significantly reduce customers' acquisition and operating costs.

30. 04. 2021

MEGA launches new EDR-20/200 module and EWDU 10xEDR-20 2S

MemBrain launches YouTube channel

MEGA has two YouTube channels! A group-wide MEGA channel in English and another MemBrain channel, which is in Czech. It gives chemistry university students a look at what the work of researchers actually looks like and also gives them an idea of what the real-life tasks they deal with daily look like.

Link to the MemBrain YouTube channel: MemBrain YouTube.

24. 03. 2021

MemBrain launches YouTube channel

MEGA launches YouTube channel

On October 25, 2020, a group-wide YouTube channel was launched to showcase MEGA's activities, successful projects, and to educate. The channel is in English to make it accessible to viewers around the world.

Link to the MEGA YouTube channel: MEGA YouTube.

26. 11. 2020

MEGA launches YouTube channel

Conference MELPRO 2020 is coming

Industry leaders and world-class scientists are looking forward to seeing you on November 8–11, 2020. MELPRO conference is focused on membrane and electromembrane processes. The topics are chosen to reflect the current issues in different industries where membranes are used.

Due to the recent development in the whole Europe, we have decided for an online-only event, however, you will not miss anything – plenary speeches and keynotes are coming, live Q&A and even a poster session.

The plenary speakers are professor Young Moo Lee, professor Ingo Pinnau, professor Andrey B. Yaroslavtsev and professor Ho Kyong Shon, who specialize in understanding physicochemical water treatment processes, wastewater and seawater, will give a presentation on resources recovery using membrane technology.

We would also like to encourage student participation at the conference, that´s why three best oral and poster presentations will be awarded.

You can still register for the online event, check

15. 10. 2020

Conference MELPRO 2020 is coming

MEGA returning to Brno

Two years ago, in cooperation with local public transport and the Institute of Circular Economics, we successfully tested a pilot project for the production of bio-CNG from wastewater and its use as a fuel for public transport.

The Brno City Hall has then decided to operate our unit for the production of this biofuel in Modřice again, for 4 years.

The purified bio-CNG will be pushed into the network and used to fuel public transport buses. We believe that this is a big step forward both for nature and humanity.

24. 03. 2020

MEGA returning to Brno

Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic visiting the MEGA premises

At the end of February, we welcomed Alena Schillerová, Ph.D., Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic. We acquainted her with the production program, membrane technologies and processes. She showed the most interested in the modern MemBrain research center.

27. 02. 2020

Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic visiting the MEGA premises

DairyTech 2020, Moscow, Russia

MEGA and our Russian subsidiary MEGA ProfiLine exhibited at the DairyTech 2020 in Moscow on February 18–21. It is the only international exhibition in Russia encompassing the full range of equipment for milk processing and dairy production.

Our stand was inspiring for all interested in whey processing, especially in whey demineralization with a goal: process by-products into valuable goods for reuse or sale.

24. 02. 2020

How to regenerate acids, lecture in Jihlava

Filip Bubník from MemBrain lectured experts in surface treatment in Jihlava on the topic of acid regeneration. Thanks to diffusion dialysis, there is no need to costly neutralize and transport used acids to the WWTP and landfill. During a simple process, the compounds formed during pre-treatment or galvanization and the pure acid can be separated and then reused in a pickling bath. This process is not limited to galvanizing and anodizing, but within automotive, it can be used, for example, for recycling car batteries.

10. 11. 2020

How to regenerate acids, lecture in Jihlava

MEGA visiting the Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM)

We visited the Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM) at the University of Calabria where the director Alberto Figoli and research scientist Elena Tocci took us for a thorough tour. They showed us incredible biological applications and as Loredana De Bartolo, research director at ITM CRN, told us, there is a huge potential in tissue growth for skin and organs replacement without the need for a donor.

We have also met Enrico Drioli, one of the icons of membrane research and applications, who has been active in this field for his whole career. With a team of 35 researchers and scientists, they are solving projects affecting water treatment, gas separation or even the use of MBR in pesticides removal from biowaste. Professor Drioli is also chairman of the MELPRO conference held in November 2020 in Prague.

29. 01. 2020

MEGA visiting the Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM)

We are launching a unit for the production of bio-CNG

On December 11, 2019, we temporarily launched a technological unit at the WWTP in Česká Lípa, which can produce bio-CNG fuel from biogas obtained from wastewater. We then refueled it directly in cars. We can clean the waste gas so perfectly that it can be used as fuel without any negative effects on the engine. Journalists were also invited to the ceremonial launch of the unit to share this valuable source of energy with the general public. We thank all participants for their interest and support.

12. 12. 2019

We are launching a unit for the production of bio-CNG

AQUATECH 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

MEGA exhibited at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 on November 5–8 hosting solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater and process streams.

Our successful presentation offered valuable insights into the advanced electrodialysis membrane technology, its applications, and reference projects resulting in new business opportunities.

10. 11. 2019

AQUATECH 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

MEGA technology winning the 11th year of the E.ON Energy Globe environmental competition

Our technology for the upgrading of biogas to biomethane won an award in the E.ON CZ Energy Globe 2019 competition!

Success in the largest Czech competition for ecological projects, in which a total of 273 projects took part, 10 of which were selected by the expert jury for the final public vote. A total of 37,000 votes were sent. This success is a great satisfaction for the work done. Congratulations to our MemBrain colleagues!

On the winning Circular Transport project in Brno, we collaborated with the Institute of Circular Economics. The bio-CNG bus travelled almost 5,000 kilometers on biomethane made with the technology we developed. We believe that this ecological method of production and use of biogas from biological waste will soon find application in other cities too.

14. 10. 2019

MEGA technology winning the 11<sup>th</sup> year of the E.ON Energy Globe environmental competition

Deputies from Paraná visited MEGA

The MEGA company hosted deputies from the Brazilian state of Paraná who accepted an invitation to visit our production plant during the incoming mission organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. It was attended by state delegates as well as businessman representatives. Among the invited delegates were Darci Piana, vice governor of the state Paraná, Eduardo Bekin, Director of the Paraná State Development Agency and Norberto Ortigara, Minister of Agriculture of the state Paraná.

During the one-day visit, the participants were acquainted with new trends in the field of membrane technologies that MEGA focused on, namely the treatment of industrial wastewater, demineralization of ground and surface water and the demineralization of whey.

The delegates learned not only the news about technologies offered but also saw the facilities of our company, from membrane production to assembling. The tour also included a visit to the MemBrain development centre.

Brazilian partners have shown great interest in the technologies offered. We see the positive responses as a challenge, and we believe that this visit has laid the foundation stone for the future development and cooperation of both stakeholders.

19. 8. 2019

Deputies from Paraná visited MEGA

MEGA Dairy Demineralization Seminar

In March we have organised a seminar for dairy professionals to broaden their knowledge of the possibilities and advantages of demineralization of dairy feeds. Presentations, mainly the key one by professor Oleg Dymar, have covered rentability of capital and operating expenditures and all the possibilities of dairy by-products reuse. It was a great experience, and we are looking forward to meeting you next time!

31. 3. 2019

MEGA Dairy Demineralization Seminar Oleg Dymar, Michal Jirdasek

MEGA and Nanocenter of Mordovia will develop membrane technologies together

The general director of the MEGA group of companies, Mr. Lubos Novak, and the general director of Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of Mordovia Dmitry Krakhin agreed to build cooperation and further work on the basis of the joint implementation of the Kriomilk project. The plant that’s being developed and the innovative technology of acid whey demineralization will allow dairy processing enterprises to provide significant savings in production and get double benefits: to reduce production waste several times, while increasing output and improving product quality. Photo credit

6. 3. 2019

MEGA and Nanocenter of Mordovia will develop membrane technologies together

MEGA at Dairy & Meat Industry in Moscow

MEGA and our russian subsidiary MEGA ProfiLine will exhibit at the Dairy & Meat Industry in Moscow. Meet us 19 – 22 February to learn about production of dairy ingredients using electrodialysis. Our stand is located in Hall 8, number A537.

15. 2. 2019

MEGA at Dairy & Meat Industry Moscow 2019

MEGA at iwater Barcelona

Together with our partner Fluytec, we have been exhibiting at iwater Barcelona on November 13-15. Part of our showcase were MPure™ 6 and 12 EDI modules for ultrapure water production and RALEX® EDR-IF module for advanced eletrodialysis and zero liquid discharge systems and RO brine treatment. Get more information about Water treatment by electrodialysis.

19. 11. 2018

MEGA at iwater Barcelona 2018

Meet us at WATEC Italy

Meet us on stand 612 in Cremona, Italy to see the future of electrodialysis. Together with SG Projects, we will present industrial solutions for wastewater treatment, dairy demineralization and biogas upgrading.

22. 10. 2018

MEGA at WATEC 2018

International Milky Forum 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine

MEGA participates at the International Milky Forum 2018 conference in Kiev, Ukraine which is being held on September 20 and 21. The forum focuses on new trends in the processing and sales of dairy products. Representatives from the commercial and academic spheres are going to participate at the conference. MEGA is going to be represented by PhD. Oleg Dymar with a lecture on Improving the Profitability of Whey Processing by Electrodialysis Technology. Come to listen to the information about the new trends and practices of whey processing by electrodialysis.

10. 9. 2018

Achema 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Achema is a show focused on chemical engineering which takes place every three years and gathers professionals from the whole world. We at MEGA took part in this year’s exhibition on June 11-15, 2018.
We've presented industrial solutions based on electrodialysis for:

  • Dairy demineralization of whey and other feeds
  • Production of organic acids using bipolar membranes
  • Ultrapure water production using electrodeionization
  • Antifreeze and HVAC glycols recycling
  • Biogas upgrading
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

16. 6. 2018

MEGA at Achema 2018

IFAT 2018, Munich, Germany

The 20th World Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management was held in Munich on May 14-18, 2018. There were 3305 exhibitors from 58 countries and more than 141,000 visitors from 160 countries in total. This fair was extremely successful for us by reaching a record number of visitors and 400 meetings in five days. The central theme of our stand was focused on presenting the use of our membrane electrodialysis in ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) using ED (R) -IF 250/400 module. Next topic was the demonstration of the ability to produce high purity water using EDI and other DMP applications (Dairy, GOS, CNG).

18. 5. 2018

MEGA at IFAT 2018

Molochnaya Industria, Moscow, Russia

The Molochnaya Industria exhibition was held in Moscow from February 27 to March 2, 2018. MEGA attends this exhibition regularly to support the sale of our technologies on CIS markets and to support the presentation of its subsidiaries MEGA ProfiLine and MEGA-UKRAINE. We are thereby confirming our strong position on these markets.

2. 3. 2018

MEGA at Molochnaya 2018

Water Expo 2018, Chennai, India

The 12th Water Expo Fair and the WATMAN International Conference took place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India from 8th to 10th February 2018. Water Expo focuses on technologies related to water treatment, wastewater treatment, renewable energy, waste management and pollution control technologies. MEGA presented its electrodialysis technology for wastewater treatment solutions and electrodionization for high purity water production for industrial use.

10. 2. 2018