Ecological services and analyses

Ecological services and consultancy

We offer an above-standard spectrum of services in the area of dealing with old ecological burdens, revitalization and recultivation

Did you know...

MEGA has been supervising sanitation of uranium mining facility DIAMO.

Our team consists of hydrogeology specialist and people specialized in different areas of the vast neunaces of ecology. We are fusing ideas and knowledge to solve any issue you might come up with.

We began with evaluation and sanation of uranium mining waste and our experience has even grown since that. Even old landfills can be conserved to minimize their leakage.

Thanks to our knowlegde, experience and patented treatment of phreatic water is our work effective.

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Remediation of old ecological burdens and geological work

We provide professional services in the field of remediation of ecological burdens and contaminated sites, including the handling of subsidies for their disposal. We perform risk analysis in accordance with the valid MoE Methodological Instruction. Experience in the field can be demonstrated, for example, by more than 30 years of work in the field of removing the consequences of mining activities and remediation of ecological burdens.

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Hydrogeology and simulation of hydrogeological processes

We provide comprehensive services in the field of hydrogeology, from the processing of hydrogeological survey through hydrogeological assessments to finding a groundwater source. We provide consultancy and activities within the scope of the Czech Water Act (254/2001 Coll.). We create mathematical models of groundwater flow including measuring the flow rate, and transport of contaminants for water management planning projects.

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Land recultivation and revitalization

We provide reclamation of landfills, revitalization of gardens, playgrounds, urban greenery, ponds and other water areas. We provide consultancy in obtaining subsidy funds, and we process the necessary documentation for submitting the application.

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Innovative remediation technologies

Our own modern laboratories, a team of professional experts, the latest field instruments and sophisticated SW. These are the main pillars through which we implement innovative methods and technologies, so we can offer our customers an above-standard range of services. We specialize in in situ technology of reducing dechlorination of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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Geochemical simulating of exogenous processes

Data evaluation and interpretation using geochemical simulating program The Geochemist's Workbench v. 11.0.8 Professional. Geochemical simulating can greatly facilitate work with a complex and variable geochemical system, such as a saturated zone of the rock environment, not only during the preparation of new laboratory and pilot experiments but also in evaluating the development of chemism in long-term monitored locations.

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Science and research

We have been cooperating on a long-term basis with research institutions on solving research and innovation projects. We introduce innovative technologies such as landfill leachate cleaning with combined membrane technology, advanced remediation technologies supported by the electric field, environmentally friendly nanotechnology and biotechnology for water and soil purification, and much more. These are unique patented technologies.

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Customized environmental services, professional team and innovative technologies

Customized environmental services

Ecological consulting & expertise

We provide consulting and advisory services in the field of ecology, nature protection and environmental impact assessment. We carry out environmental audits, risk analysis, expert opinions and studies, which serve as expert background for issuing decisions or as a proposal for remedial measures.

Together, we discuss your requirements and evaluate it professionally after the inspection of the field. We will always suggest the optimum solution tailored to your requirements. Of course, we will also provide you with any permits and statements where needed, and carry out exploratory and fieldwork, evaluate them and process them into a final report or project work.

Ecological consulting & expertise

We build on our experience with the issue of removing the consequences of uranium mining and we have further applied our knowledge to address the remediation of old ecological burdens. Today we have experience with the entire process of corrective measures under the conditions of the Czech Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Fund. In order to streamline the remediation work, we develop new remediation technologies, thanks to which we have built a reputation not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

Our case studies

Iron nanoparticles clean phreatic water

Hluk, Czech Republic

Iron nanoparticles clean phreatic water

A patented application of iron nanoparticles creates a reactive diffusion barrier, that reacts with contaminants in the soil and deep in the ground and neutralizes them.

The suspended iron nanoparticles are injected into the ground and direct current is applied in a long term. That initiates the reaction deep underground and solves contamination without exhaustive and sometimes impossible digging and excavation.

Nanoiron highlights

Reactive barrier Nanoparticles suspension Patented solution
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Ask about this project
Národní inventarizace kontaminovaných míst

CENIA, česká informační agentura životního prostředí

National inventorying of contaminated sites

The company MEGA a.s., Division of ecological services, participates in the project of National inventorying of contaminated sites, Stage 2, which is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of the Environment. It is a nationally and internationally monitored project.

The aim of the project is to prepare a comprehensive database of Contaminated Sites Register of the Ministry of the Environment, including an evaluation of priorities for the removal of old ecological burdens. The project results are also applicable to the business sector and public information services. Within the project, we will apply our more than 30 years of experience of working on projects related to landscape remediation and reclamation associated with the extraction of raw materials, disposal of landfills or revitalization of the otherwise affected environment.


Complex database processing SEKM Service Technology
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Ask about this project

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