Whey and milk permeate demineralization

Whey and milk permeate demineralization

UF permeate processing by MEGA electrodialysis

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Demineralization improves crystallization and decreases costs for CIP.

Why demineralize whey permeate by MEGA electrodialysis

UF permeate processing by MEGA Electrodialysis

UF permeate demineralization - make profit from reusing of already processed whey

Generate savings
Improve your product
Open new market possibilities

Improve your UF permeates production process by implementing MEGA electrodialysis. Demineralization improves the quality of these dairy by-products and also the functionality and efficiency of other processing steps like evaporation, crystallization, and spray drying.

Edible lactose by electrodialysis only

Highly demineralized UF permeate (D90; D90+) can be processed further to obtain GOS (galactooligosaccharides). Thanks to this processing step, UF permeates with their derivates can be used as prebiotics in baby food and infant formula. MEGA demineralization technologies can demineralize your UF permeates efficiently up to almost 0% Ash ODB.

Using MEGA electrodialysis enables you to certify your products as organic

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UF Permeate


What is UF permeate in dairy

The UF permeate is a by-product of manufacturing processes that extract milk fat, protein and other solids from milk or whey. It is obtained by a pressure based membrane separation technique called ultrafiltration.

UF permeates are dairy ingredients, which consist of a high amount of lactose, vitamins, and minerals.

Milk permeate vs whey permeate

Milk permeate vs whey permeate

Whey permeate (also called deproteinized or modified whey) is a by-product resulting from the production of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Thanks to its good solubility and a pleasant dairy flavour, whey permeate is a great ingredient for baby formula.

Milk permeate, on the other hand, is a by-product from the production of milk protein concentrate and isolate, and ultrafiltered milk manufacturing. It has a similar composition to whey permeate, but as it is derived directly from milk and therefore undergoes fewer processing steps, its organoleptic profile may be different. Milk permeate has a clean and consistent flavour.

Whey permeate demineralization using MEGA electrodialysis

Why choose MEGA electrodialysis to demineralize UF permeates

Why demineralize UF permeates

UF permeates have originally high pH which increases the precipitation of calcium phosphate, especially in combination with thermal treatment. The calcium phosphate precipitation is even more significant for UF permeates in comparison to whey processing. The ED process can help you to deal with this issue.

Demineralization improves crystallization and decreases costs for CIP. The scaling and fouling are decreased during the spray drying thanks to the efficient removal of calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and organic ions (acids). Better crystallization results in lower losses of lactose in the mother liquor and improves properties of spray-dried product.

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Advantages of whey permeate utilization using MEGA electrodialysis

The main benefits of whey permeate utilization by MEGA electrodialysis are:

  • Improving crystallization (better crystals, improved properties of the spray-dried product, and lower losses of lactose in the mother liquor).
  • Decreasing costs for CIP.
  • Reducing water sources in comparison to competitive technologies.
  • Minimizing evaporator and spray-drying scaling issues (lower demands on CIP).
  • Feasible achievement of specific KPI's with low losses of the product.
  • The final product meets the conditions for certification as an organic product.
  • Effective removal of multivalent ions and organic ions (acids).
  • More possibilities for internal reuse.

Benefits of demineralized UF permeates

Organoleptic benefits of demineralized UF permeates

Thanks to the electrodialysis technology the UF permeate has a low content of ash. Demineralized whey permeate has a high concentration of lactose and low content of mineral salts. Therefore, it has a sweet aroma and taste with only a very low saltiness. The main benefits of demineralized whey permeate are:

  • Sweet milky taste, thus it can be used as a substitute for lactose.
  • Cost-efficient substitute.
  • Creates a valuable product for sale and further processing.
  • It is a natural ingredient that is not degraded in any way by ED processing.

Benefits of whey permeate demineralization using MEGA electrodialysis

Dairy applications of demineralized whey permeate

Thanks to its sweet aroma, taste, and only low saltiness, the UF permeate can be used as an alternative to more expensive fillers in a wide variety of foods without affecting their taste or texture. It's a great opportunity for global food and beverage manufacturers to utilize this versatile ingredient in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Lactose production – edible quality thanks to a possibility of an efficient high demineralization.
  • Bakery – using demineralized UF permeate in the bakery increases the nutrition value of the products and also improves their look thanks to the brown and crunchy crust.
  • Confectionery – using demineralized UF permeate in confectionery allows its usage in only concentrated form which increases the feasibility of the whole process.
  • Pastry applications, cookies, baked goods, drinks, sweets, ice cream, and others products.

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