Galacteum gets highly valuable product from NF cheese sweet whey

Galacteum gets highly valuable product from NF cheese sweet whey

Cheese sweet whey demineralization

Galacteum gets a highly valuable product with different degrees of desalination from NF cheese sweet whey

GALACTEUM – Dairylac S.L.

GALACTEUM – Dairylac S.L.

The Spanish company Galacteum, formerly known as Dairylac, has built a strong market position thanks to its industry-leading dairy processing solutions, which it uses in its production process from the processing of raw materials to the final product.

Galacteum develops dairy products with high added value and provides its clients with the highest quality ingredients. The company is mainly active in the food industry, infant nutrition, and functional food sectors.

Galacteum project challenge


When Galacteum approached MEGA, they were looking to expand their already broad product portfolio.

The main objective of the upcoming project was to maximize the use of the by-products in the production of cheese from sweet whey.

After a long and detailed evaluation of all possible electrodialysis suppliers, Galacteum decided to choose MEGA to supply its whey demineralization solution.

Galacteum MEGA electrodialysis solution

Our solution

Thanks to the extensive cooperation with MEGA's technologists, Galacteum was able to gain a clear understanding of the electrodialysis system performance and product parameters. This greatly facilitated product and brand planning have helped Galateum to secure potential customers.

Galacteum purchased an EWDU 8xEDR-II/250 unit, which enabled it to process 50 to 100 t/day of sweet NF whey from cheese production, depending on the level of demineralization. It has thus transformed an initially inferior stream into a high-end product with many uses.

Key benefits of MEGA electrodialysis

Galacteum, MEGA project results


Today Galacteum is one of Spain's leading companies offering a wide range of products in the food industry.

Thanks to the flexibility of the purchased EWDU 8xEDR-II/250 unit they can produce demineralized whey from D50 to D90 as the current market situation demands.

Client benefits

Client benefits

The ROI time frame was estimated for two years from the date of purchase. Galacteum does not need to be heavily concerned about the annual OPEX thanks to the flawless daily operation of the unit.

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