Case study Dolomites Milk

Dolomites Milk demineralizes sweet whey for nutrition formulas

Dairy processing by MEGA electrodialysis

Dolomites Milk demineralizes sweet whey for nutrition formulas


Dolomites Milk S.r.l./GmbH

When we speak about integrity, tradition, and high-quality ingredients the company Dolomites Milk is one of the first names that comes to our mind. This project has been exceptionally successful thanks to the trustful partnership between MEGA and Dolomites Milk.

Dolomites Milk was founded as a joint venture by A. Loacker Spa/AG an Italian confectionery company with Brimi, a local dairy cooperative. Loacker offers a wide variety of wafer and chocolate specialities originating from non-GMO ingredients and produced in one of the most pristine environments on the planet: the Tyrol and Alpine region.

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At the beginning of the project, Dolomites faced how to process a large amount of milk of variable composition generated from the local farmers and at the same time gain flexible product of possible different degrees of desalination. The main challenges were:

  • Processing large daily volumes of variable types of feed composition
  • Thermostability
  • Expanding production capacity
  • Variable levels of product demineralization.
  • Our

    Our solution

    Dolomites Milk has approached MEGA to address the sweet whey stream issue for their greenfield project.

    Thanks to the intensive cooperation of both companies, MEGA has developed a tailor-made solution for this project covering all the technical aspects in terms of unit operation while maintaining a sustainable and flexible industrial unit design.

    The first installation of an extensible unit has commissioned out in Autumn 2019 and proved itself to be exceedingly effective as shortly after, in 2020 Dolomites have issued MEGA a requirement to extend the current unit to its full size. This emphasizes the swift Return On Investment of processing lines where the demineralization processes by MEGA are implemented.

    Key benefits of MEGA electrodialysis



    Now, Dolomites Milk is selling its DWP 40, DWP 50 and DWP 70 to producers all around the world with major influence on multiple markets for different applications such as infant formula, sports nutrition, bakery, chocolate and pastry products manufacturing. The products treated by MEGA electrodialysis are ideal for newborns and sports nutrition formulas.


    Client benefits

    Dolomites Milk has achieved all of the mentioned goals and a wide range of product portfolio also thanks to MEGA’s demineralization technology and professional team expertise in electro-membrane processes.

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