Whey processing by MEGA electrodialysis

Whey processing by MEGA electrodialysis

Demineralized whey powder for food applications

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Electrodialysis represents great potential for application in the dairy industry.

Why choose dairy applications by MEGA for whey processing


MEGA whey processing technology

MEGA is a leading electrodialysis technology provider for dairy companies which produce demineralized whey powder as an ingredient for subsequent use in the food industry applications.

MEGA dairy processing technology turns whey and all its sub-products from a by-product stream into a new source of profit and opens new markets for you.

More than 25 years of experience in electrodialysis applications for demineralization of whey products, combined with today’s modern technologies, guarantee high-quality ingredients for the global food industry.

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MEGA whey processing technology

Whey powder - the source of protein

Nowadays, whey and its derivatives such as whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI) are highly valued by-products of dairy (curd, Greek yogurt, casein) and cheese manufacturing industries. They have a high potential for their nutritional value and various options for further processing/reuse, in terms mainly of their content of protein, eventually lactose.

Each type of whey has its own characteristics and that´s why it has to be demineralized and reused depending on its specific composition.

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Which dairy by-products can be demineralized

Which dairy products and by-products can be demineralized

  • Demineralization of sweet or acid whey
  • Demineralization of UF permeate
  • Production of lactose with mother liquor as a by-product
  • Demineralization of mother liquor after crystallization of lactose
  • Demineralization of UF permeate to produce DML (demineralized mother liquor) and lactose
  • Demineralization of whey protein concentrate (WPC)
  • Demineralization of whey protein isolate (WPI)

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