Sugar purification by MEGA electrodialysis

Sugar purification by MEGA electrodialysis

Ecological and cost effective applications for sugar industry

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With MEGA electrodialysis you can purify various types of saccharides and get final product with up to 97 % of desalination ratio.

Sugar purification process

New challenges for sugar industry

New challenges for sugar and starch industry

Today, sugar production has been established for years, yet the sugar industry is facing new challenges such as new environmental regulations. The goal is to maintain the quality of the product and reduce the use of chemicals and water and thus the discharge of waste into the environment and reduce electricity consumption.

The use of new techniques such as membrane technologies, which have proved successful in other sectors such as dairy, pharmacy etc., is an inevitable step of modernisation in the sugar and starch industry.

Why demineralize saccharides by electrodialysis technology

Why purify sugar by electrodialysis

Various saccharides (sucrose, glucose, fructose, molasses, xylose etc.) and their derivatives like lactulose are valuable biomolecules used in the food and nutrition industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Process sugar solutions often contain dissolved salts and other contaminants – ash. The ash negatively effects the processing and production of saccharides, for example, it reduces sucrose yield, crystal growth or contributes to scaling formation on evaporators, therefore it must be removed.

Testing of various technologies in recent years in the sugar industry results that the use of electrodialysis to remove ash from sugar solutions as one of the more efficient technologies for the saccharides demineralization such as molasses, fructose, glucose, syrups, and sugar juices.

Through demineralization you get the final product of higher quality with lower OPEX.

Why choose MEGA electrodialysis technology

Why choose MEGA electrodialysis technology

Electrodialysis is a very efficient technology for food solutions desalination with low energy and chemicals consumption.

The electrodialysis solution by MEGA is universal and can process different saccharides as Galactooligosaccharides – GOS, Fructooligosaccharides – FOS, Chitooligosaccharides – COS, Xylooligosaccharides – XOS, Isomaltooligosaccharides – IMO or Soybean oligosaccharides – SOS.

The MEGA electrodialysis is adapted to perform the final purification of sugar solution by decolourising, deodorising, deacidifying or thickening the sugar cane/beet juice, ensuring maximum removal of unwanted impurities.

MEGA offers electrodialysis as a demineralization step after filtration in sugar processing. In combination with IEX, ED can be more advantageous regarding the required ions and product quality with lower water and chemical consumption achieved at the same time.

MEGA ED – cost-effective solution for sugar purification

MEGA ED – cost-effective solution for sugar purification

MEGA offer electrodialysis technology to get product of higher purity with lower energy and chemicals processing technology that boosts yield, lowers cost and environment friendly.

The electrodialysis improves the cost-effectiveness of sugar factories by:

  • controlling organic fouling,
  • reduction of chemical consumption,
  • environment-friendly technology - reducing waste effluents and pollution loads,
  • reducing costs for water treatment,
  • improving sugar yields,
  • reducing the volume of molasses,
  • saving capital costs,
  • recovery & re-use of ions like P, Mg, Mo, Ni.

Final product of high quality with low protein content and low colour and high colour stability. Demineralized saccharides are a new source of profit and supplementary nutrition. It is a very beneficial ingredient uses in many foods and pharmaceutical products.

Electrodialysis in the sugar purification process

Electrodialysis in the sugar purification process

The electrodialysis is an electrochemical separation process in which ions from the treated liquid are transferred through ion-exchange membranes from one solution (feed/diluate) to another solution (brine/concentrate) under the influence of DC voltage. Charged components are attracted to the cathode or anode and collected in the concentrate stream. Product - organic non-ionic compounds are retained in the diluate stream.

Thus, the undesirable by-products chemical and/or enzymatic conversion can be easily removed.

Moreover, removed components could be often recovered and fed back into the reaction stage as required reactant or catalyst or pH controlling agent.

Our saccharides demineralization projects

Sugar molasses purification

Gorodejskij Sacharnyj Kombinat, Belarus

Sugar molasses purification

MEGA developed a tailor-made solution for demineralization of sugar molasses – purification of sucrose, disaccharide, a molecule composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose.

Industrial installation of two units ELPU 8×EDRII/250 1S proceed 100 t/day of feed at temperature 33 - 37 °C and get sugar-containing solution with a degree of demineralization of 90 %, dry content less than 40 %, and ash content less than 6 %.

A preliminary purification of the raw material in order to remove high molecular weight and other non-sugars. Adjustment of the solids content to 40 %.

GSK highlights

Waste to product 100 tons per day Ash content less than 6 %
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Ask about this project

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