Revitalization of parks, gardens and playgrounds

Revitalization of parks, gardens and playgrounds

We carry out complete revitalization and recultivation of the landscape

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MEGA carries out playground construction projects including the submission and administration of grant applications for school and children's playgrounds.

We carry out revitalization and recultivation in a complete contracted service

Revitalization of greenery and landscape elements with the possibility of drawing subsidies

Revitalization of greenery and landscape elements with the possibility of drawing subsidies

We offer our services in the field of landscape revitalization, mainly in the following areas:

  • revitalization of watercourses,
  • revitalization of water areas,
  • revitalization of gardens,
  • revitalization of parks,
  • revitalization of alleys and other public greenery.

Our portfolio of services also includes subsidy activities. We have a team of experts who will assess the submitted project and, if necessary, recommend suitable modifications so that it is possible to apply for a financial contribution from one of the subsidy programmes. We also carry out the design activity itself.

Multifunkční a dětská hřiště nejen pro obce

Playgrounds for municipalities and private investors

We implement the construction of public areas for active and passive recreation such as:

  • playgrounds,
  • play elements for playgrounds,
  • workout and street workout playgrounds,
  • multifunctional playgrounds,
  • disc golf courses,
  • outdoor gyms - fitness playgrounds for seniors and young people.

We carry out the construction of multifunctional, workout, outdoor fitness and children's playgrounds on a turnkey basis and by subcontracting. We deliver complete implementation from construction works, through the supply of play elements including impact area to the planting of greenery and addition of urban furniture.

We build playgrounds for the public sphere, i.e. for municipalities or regions, but also for private investors or for gardens at family houses.

We can prepare a subsidy project for the construction of a playground, including its subsequent administration and sustainability.

Why revitalize with MEGA

Why revitalize with MEGA?

  • 30+ years of experience.
  • Team of experienced professionals.
  • State-of-the-art computer landscape modelling methods.
  • Design and solution of landscape revitalization or recultivation tailored to the customer's requirements in harmony with nature.
  • We give the landscape back to nature and people.
Subsidies for revitalization activities

Subsidies for revitalization activities

Revitalization and recultivation activities are widely supported by subsidy programmes from EU structural funds or national subsidy programmes, such as Support for the revitalization of territories (a programme of the Ministry of Regional Development), Support for restoration of natural landscape functions (a programme of the Ministry of the Environment), Revitalization of functional areas and elements of settlement greenery (EU structural funds - OPŽP) and others.

We will process the entire grant application for you, i.e. from the submission of the application, through the administration of the implementation to the preparation of the final report and subsequent reporting during the sustainability of the project.

Landscape recultivation and brownfields revitalization

Landscape recultivation and brownfields revitalization

MEGA has been carrying out professional recultivation activities for more than 30 years and is one of the leading companies in this field in the Czech Republic. Recultivation of landscapes damaged by mineral extraction (quarries, opencast mines, sandpits) or other human activities is carried out for both private entities and state organizations.

Our domain also includes the revitalization of brownfields, industrial areas both inside and outside cities. We solve these projects comprehensively, i.e. from the design activity to the handover of the finished project implementation.

Do you want to get a grant? We will prepare the project according to the conditions of the subsidy programmes and submit an application for a financial contribution, including the subsequent administration of the subsidy and sustainability.

Case studies

Revitalization and restoration of the castle garden in Snědovice

Snědovice, Czech Republic

Revitalization and restoration of the castle garden in Snědovice

MEGA implemented the project Revitalization and restoration of the castle garden in Snědovice. The project aimed to preserve and restore the original historical composition of the castle garden, increase its ecological value and ensure its long-term development. When selecting suitable species, emphasis was placed on enhancing the spatial and age diversity and restoring the known historical species composition according to the information of the NPÚ.

The project was co-financed from the OPE priority axis 05.4.27 Protection and restoration of biodiversity and soil, and promotion of ecosystem services, including through the Natura 2000 network and ecological infrastructures.

Snědovice highlights

Processing of subsidy application Implementation Sustainability of the project
Ask about the project
Ask about the project
Multigenerational recreational area Pod Vodojemem

Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic

Multigenerational recreational area Pod Vodojemem

The subject of the implemented project was the transformation of the handling area and landfill of building materials in the southern part of the town of Brandýs nad Labem into a recreational area serving to residents.

As part of the implementation, recultivation works were carried out, paved areas adapted to the new functional use were built (footpaths and paths for walking and recreational activities only), vegetation areas were established (planting of trees, shrubs and reconstruction of lawn areas) and functional elements of furniture and play and sports and recreational elements for all age groups of users were installed.

Brandýs nad Labem highlights

Vegetation area Play elements Turnkey solution
Ask about the project
Ask about the project

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