Revitalization of the playground of Tyršova Elementary School in Rumburk

Revitalization of the playground of Tyršova Elementary School in Rumburk

Building infrastructure and renovation of the school's outdoor facilities

MEGA - general supplier

ZŠ Tyršova v Rumburku

Elementary school Tyršova in Rumburk

The town of Rumburk is located in the northeastern part of the Děčín district in the Šluknov region on the border with Germany and has approximately 11,000 inhabitants. The Tyršova Elementary School is in the centre of the town and is currently attended by over 400 pupils.

The aim of the project Revitalisation of the playground of the Tyršova Elementary School in Rumburk was the renovation of the school's outdoor facilities, consisting of the implementation of remediation works, landscaping and the subsequent construction of pavement areas, a long jump sector, the construction of an outdoor classroom and a pergola, as well as the installation of play elements and urban furniture.

Revitalizace hřiště ZŠ Tyršova v Rumburku - Potřeby klienta

Customer needs

Originally, the area of the designed outdoor school facilities was inadequately equipped and partly unused by elementary school pupils. The site was characterised by a poorly maintained lawn, the remains of an asphalt concrete pavement and obsolete play elements intended for dismantling and subsequent disposal. Based on the requirements of the school representatives, project documentation was prepared, which proposed a conceptual solution for the school area.

Revitalizace hřiště ZŠ Tyršova v Rumburku - Projekt


The revitalisation of the school playground was based on project documentation approved by the relevant planning and building department. However, during the construction work, our engineers had to respond to challenges that the project documentation did not address or could not anticipate.

One such challenge was the implementation of the long jump runway, which had to meet the strict parameters of World Athletics (WA) certification. The engineers of the Division of Ecological Services were faced with the challenge of positioning the track to fit properly into the sloping terrain while meeting all functional and aesthetic requirements. At the same time, the remains of the historic factory chimney, which had been uncovered during the earthworks and was impeding the construction of the athletic field, needed to be removed.

Revitalizace hřiště ZŠ Tyršova v Rumburku - realizace od MEGA

Our solution

MEGA was successful in a competition with a total of five companies and won the tender as the general contractor. The implementation works started in June 2023, supervised by the investor's representative of the city of Rumburk and the representatives of the Rumburk Elementary School. The project included the construction of 286 m2 of paved sidewalks, 422 m2 of lawn, the installation of 13 pieces of urban furniture (benches, waste bins, steel fireplace), the construction of a long jump sector with an artificial polyurethane surface with WA certification, the construction of a wooden pergola and an outdoor classroom, and the installation of 4 all-metal play elements. The revitalized playground was handed over in impeccable quality to the investor in the presence of the top management of the city in October 2023.

Client experience

Miroslav Tejnor

"We would like to thank MEGA for the resulting implementation of the revitalization of the playground at the Tyršova Primary School in our town. On behalf of the client, we appreciate the quality of work, the willingness to flexibly solve unexpected complications on the construction site, the speed and especially the approach and communication of the entire team.”

Miroslav Tejnor,
Department of Regional Development and Investment, City of Rumburk

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