Revitalization of Špičák's garden in the village of Libiš

Revitalization of Špičák's Garden in the village of Libiš

Planting greenery, establishing infrastructure and creating a functional park area

MEGA - general supplier for the revitalization of the municipal park in Libiš

Špičák's Garden in the village of Libiš

Špičák's Garden in the village of Libiš

The village of Libiš is located approximately ten kilometres south of Mělník, close to Neratovice, and currently has about 2,400 inhabitants. In the period of the First Republic, the Prague manufacturer Rudolf Špičák owned a holiday home in Libiš, which included an architecturally designed garden with many dendrologically valuable and remarkable specimens of trees, as well as functional elements.

The revitalisation of Špičák's Garden aimed to restore the area of the former Špičák's Garden adjacent to the fragments of the historic garden to create a high-quality and long-term functional park area in the centre of the village, which will function as a quiet zone for the citizens of all age groups.

Revitalizace Špičákova zahrada - Customer needs

Customer needs

Before the implementation works began, the area of the Špičák's Garden was an aesthetically unpleasant and difficult-to-access meadow in the center of the village, whose former glory was reminded only by some mature, and often quite rare, species or cultivars of trees.

Although in the past years, the municipality took care of the greenery as far as possible, there were poor quality, dangerous, or ballast components of greenery and abiotic elements that had to be replaced by a conceptual solution. The area was completely lacking any amenities and infrastructure - path network, urban furniture, public lighting, and other functional elements.

Revitalizace Špičákova zahrada - Challenge


The project of revitalization of Špičák's Garden included not only orchard landscaping and expert arborist interventions on trees but also the construction of reinforced surfaces, walking areas made of various types of pavements, construction of a children's playground, and installation of public lighting and a water fountains.

This type of multi-disciplinary project placed maximum demands on staffing and subcontractor coverage of individual construction and gardening works within a given scope. In addition, part of the project is co-financed by the Operational Programme Environment, while the administration of the subsidy is the responsibility of MEGA.

Revitalizace Špičákovy zahray - realizace od MEGA

Our solution

MEGA was selected as the general contractor in a public tender. Only four companies took part in the tender procedure, which speaks for the complexity of the contract. The implementation works started in June 2022 and were carried out in accordance with the technological deadlines and the approved project documentation. The entire project was completed and handed over on the agreed schedule.

Within the project, 52 trees and 130 m2 of shrubs were planted, 49 trees were treated, 680 m2 of reinforced surfaces and 663 m2 of paved sidewalks were built. The renovation also included the installation of 39 pieces of urban furniture, 6 pieces of public lighting fixtures, the construction of a children's playground and the creation of a dendrological trail with tree labels.

Award for the realization of the municipal park renovation by MEGA

Revitalization of Špičák's Garden - 3rd place Park of the Year 2023

3rd place in the national competition Park of the Year 2023

Špičák's Garden was handed over in perfect condition in May 2023, so that it could be opened to the public a month later on the 700th anniversary of the village's foundation. Subsequently, the project for the revitalization of Špičák's Garden was entered into the Park of the Year 2023 Award, where it won the award of the general partner ITTEC and took third place out of thirty parks evaluated in the battle for the public award.

Client experience


"Thanks to intensive cooperation with the citizens of our village, the authors of the project and the implementation company MEGA, we managed to revitalize and rehabilitate the most important publicly accessible green space in the centre of the village and Špičák's Garden became a popular meeting place as well as a passive and active resting place for local residents.”

Mgr. Pavlína Komeštíková, DiS.,
Mayor of the municipality of Libiš

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