Fruit juice pH adjustment by MEGA bipolar ED

Juice pH adjustment by MEGA bipolar ED

Highly efficient bipolar electrodialysis for improving the taste of fruit juice

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MEGA bipolar ED meets the regulations for organic (BIO) food labeling.

Innovated additive-free technology for fruit juice acidity adjustment

 Advantages of using MEGA electrodialysis for juice pH adjustment

Advantages of using MEGA electrodialysis for juice pH adjustment

Excellent taste of the product
Reduced operating costs
Organic juice production

MEGA offers bipolar electrodialysis technology to raise or lower the pH of fruit juices, which significantly affects their organoleptic properties. Using MEGA technology, you obtain a final product of excellent taste with significantly lower operating costs.

At the same time, bipolar electrodialysis presents the great advantage of being a continuous process without the addition of reagents and thus meeting the stringent conditions for organic (BIO) foods production.

Turn waste into highly profitable products

By-products after of fruit juice deacidification contain natural acids such as citric acid and other anions. MEGA's advanced bipolar electrodialysis helps to extract these natural acids and convert them into highly profitable products, creating a new source of income from the once-wasteful raw material and significantly reducing the amount of waste.

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New challenge for fruit juices producers

Fruit juice acidity

Fruit juice acidity

Fruit juices are important in a balanced diet, providing a set of various physiologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, sugars, and others.

Despite the beneficial effects of fruit juices on the human body, their consumption is limited by the high acidity of the fruit due to the high organic acid content and the low pH of some of them.

The high acidity of fruits such as pineapple, lemon, cranberry, blackcurrant, kiwi, passion fruit, mulberry, acerola, etc., limits their addition to foods and consumption. The deacidification of fruit juices using bipolar electrodialysis (EDBM) is an innovative technology to conventional methods of fruit juice treatment, both in terms of economics and quality.

Optimize wine acidity using bipolar electrodialysis

Bipolar electrodialysis (EDBM) as the key to healthy and tasty juices

Bipolar membrane electrodialysis is a very efficient additive-free ion-shifting process that is simple and very effective for adjusting the pH of fruit juices in both directions.

By using EDBM to process the juice, the natural composition of the juice is preserved, including important antioxidants that effectively neutralize dangerous free radicals in the human body.

The use of EDBM in the food industry significantly reduces the energy consumption in the production process of fruit juices, as it is a technology without the need for heating, evaporation, and additives.

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Why use MEGA EDBM for juice acidification and deacidification

Why use MEGA EDBM for juice acidification and deacidification

Using our membrane technology, you can adjust the pH both up and down to achieve a balance between sweet and acidic taste. No chemical dosing is needed so the product remains natural.

Purification before EDBM is necessary

If the juice is cloudy, it must be filtered before electrodialysis. Ultrafiltration (UF) or microfiltration (MF) are usually used in the juice industry, possibly enzymatic depectination and other clarification technics can be useful. The turbidity limit for juice entering electrodialysis (ED) is 5 NTU. Commonly, the turbidity should be below 0.5 NTU. With higher turbidity, the risk of membrane fouling increases, or there is a risk of even clogging the spacers or the entire stack.

Benefits of MEGA bipolar electrodialysis in fruit juices acidity adjustment

Benefits of MEGA EDBM in fruit juices acidity adjustment

  • In-house research, design, and manufacturing.
  • Additive-free technology - fully organic products.
  • Massive reduction of unit operation steps (technology complexity).
  • Cost-effective and reliable operation.
  • Customers tailor-made capacity solutions (allows to grow/invest along with demand).
  • Broad assistance network worldwide.
  • Affordable and scalable solution.
  • Fully automatic including cleaning.
  • Mobile or stationary units.

MEGA ED vs competitive commercial technologies

MEGA ED vs competitive commercial technologies

The main advantages of the MEGA technology compared to its competitors are higher yields and fewer processing steps and therefore lower operating costs. Furthermore, it is easy to implement in existing production lines, while MEGA offers a fully automatic system in stationary units for large manufacturers or mobile units for small production plants.

MEGA electrodialysis technology has lower chemical consumption for the process (no regeneration of ion exchange columns) and CIP. And at the same time, it shows a significant reduction in production drainage. This reduces the footprint of the entire technology and significantly reduces the environmental impact.

Deacidification by coagulation with CaCO3 is not recommended because of CO2 release.

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