ESG Rating 2023

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ESG Rating 2023: MEGA is a top performer among SMEs

We won the second year of ESG Rating

MEGA won the Small and Medium-sized Companies category in the ESG Rating 2023. We received the prestigious award in the second year of the competition, which involved a total of 135 Czech companies. The results of the independent evaluation were published by the Association of Social Responsibility, which conducts the survey in cooperation with the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business (CEMS).

The ranking among large companies is led by ČEZ, Moneta Money Bank, and Coca-Cola HBC, while MEGA won among SMEs, SONNENTOR came second, and Nobilis Tilia took third place.

The results of the ESG Rating 2023 also published Forbes magazine, saying: “MEGA specializes in industrial separation technologies, surface treatment technologies, and environmental services. In the environmental sector, it measures the amount of CO2 emissions its operations produce and has a strategy for how and by how much emissions can be reduced over time. It monitors the energy consumed and is switching to renewable resources. Together with employees, MEGA also supports activities that have a positive impact at the company's location. In recent years, this has included sports or cultural events, or the revitalisation of public spaces. It also actively offers internships to students.” Read not only the review about our company but also more about the ESG Rating project in Forbes.

Petr Dufek, Quality Manager

Petr Dufek, Quality Manager

„The success of our company is a recognition and at the same time a motivation and commitment to continue in the set direction of sustainable business, social responsibility, and ethical corporate culture.”

What is ESG Rating

ESG Rating is the first independent survey assessing the sustainability and ethical practices of individual companies in the Czech Republic. It was created in cooperation with the Association of Social Responsibility and the CEMS study program at the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The rating thoroughly examines and evaluates Czech companies according to their strategies and impact in the areas of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance).

„The ESG Rating allows us to recognize companies with social responsibility as one of their core business missions. It is important to support and recognize those who are committed to ethical, responsible, and sustainable business," says Hana Wasserburger, Director of Consulting at Visa, the general partner of this year's ranking, on the mission of the ESG Rating.