Lithium extraction, recycling, and refining technology

Lithium extraction, recycling, and refining technology

MEGA Electrodialysis - more efficient and sustainable technology for lithium production

Did you know?

MEGA ED technology concentrates lithium chloride (LiCl) 4x higher than conventional RO.

Lithium extraction and processing


What is lithium

Lithium is an alkali metal with excellent heat and electrical conductivity. Lithium is highly reactive, therefore it can’t just be found in nature by itself. Instead, it can be found as a constituent of salts or other stable compounds such as lithium carbonate.

How lithium is mined

Most lithium is mined from either brine extraction (the extraction of lithium-containing salts from underground brine reservoirs, so-called salars), or ore mining (lithium-containing rock, such as spodumene).

There is an ample opportunity in lithium battery recycling when used batteries are reused into a new source of the battery-grade product.

Advantages of MEGA Electrodeionization (EDI)

Benefits of MEGA ED Lithium extraction process

Due to the increasing use of lithium in electronic battery technologies and electric vehicles, the demand for lithium extraction is rapidly growing.

We offer higher purity and lower energy processing technology that boosts yield, simplifies block flow diagram, and lowers cost:

  • Massive reduction of unit operation steps (technology complexity) for recrystallizations.
  • Double replacement reaction aided with selective ion-exchange membranes.
  • Achieved high Li2CO3 purity with SO42- < 50 mg/kg dry matter.
  • Electrodialysis lowers the amount of water-salt solutions for handling.
  • Electrodialysis is saving cost for the evaporation steps.

Lithium processing by MEGA

How does it work

Cold, warm and hot electrodialysis processes as cost reduction challenge

MEGA possible applications

Today, MEGA offers its electrodialysis units for installation in lithium processing. The main application of our technology is in:

Using conventional mixed bed technology, the cation and anion resins must be regularly regenerated by acid and caustic.

On the other hand, electrodeionization is a continuously running process with no need for downtime for resins regeneration. EDI operates without regeneration chemicals, so no equipment such as acid and base storage tanks are required. This dramatically reduces the footprint of the entire EDI water polishing technology. In general, electrodeionization is a flexible and easy to operate and easy to maintenance system.

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