Lithium extraction, recycling, and refining technology

Lithium extraction, recycling, and refining technology

MEGA Electrodialysis - more efficient and sustainable technology for lithium production

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MEGA ED technology concentrates lithium chloride (LiCl) 4x higher than conventional RO.

MEGA applications for lithium extraction processes

Lithium carbonate

Patented electrodialysis system for purification lithium carbonate. Reduces the investment and operating costs of obtaining higher lithium concentrations. MEGA ED for more effective lithium extraction processes from hard rock and spodumene.

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Lithium chloride

Gain high-grade lithium using unique, cost-effective electrodialysis technical solution implemented into the brine extraction process. MEGA technology lowers the cost of LiCl purification thanks to reduced evaporation and crystallization.

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MEGA application for lithium battery recycling companies


Why use electrodialysis in the lithium battery recycling process

The application of electrodialysis in lithium battery recycling process makes the recovery more effective including higher purity of the commodity product while decreasing the operating costs. Our unique electrodialysis technology is developed especially for lithium recycling companies.

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Lithium extraction and processing


What is lithium

Lithium is an alkali metal with excellent heat and electrical conductivity. Lithium is highly reactive, therefore it can’t just be found in nature by itself. Instead, it can be found as a constituent of salts or other stable compounds such as lithium carbonate.

How lithium is mined

Most lithium is mined from either brine extraction (the extraction of lithium-containing salts from underground brine reservoirs, so-called salars), or ore mining (lithium-containing rock, such as spodumene).

There is an ample opportunity in lithium battery recycling when used batteries are reused into a new source of the battery-grade product.

Benefits of lithium processing by MEGA

Benefits of MEGA ED in lithium ore mining process

Benefits of MEGA ED in lithium ore mining process

Purification of lithium carbonate from sulphate solutions has never been more effective since MEGA has patented its special electrodialysis.

  • Massive reduction of unit operation steps (technology complexity).
  • Double replacement reaction aided with selective ion-exchange membranes.
  • Achieved high Li2CO3 purity with SO42- < 100 mg/kg dry matter.
  • Electrodialysis lowers the amount of water-salt solutions for handling.
  • Electrodialysis is saving cost for the evaporation steps.

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Benefits of MEGA ED in lithium brine extraction process

Two main EDR objectives in lithium chloride purification:

  • Reaching the high levels of Silica and Boron retention in the diluate - over 97 %.
  • Separation of mixture NaCl and reaching the concentration of LiCl up to 8 % w/v.
  • Electrodialysis lowers the amount of water-salt solutions for handling.
  • Electrodialysis is saving cost for the evaporation and crystallization steps.

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Benefits of MEGA ED for lithium battery recycling companies

MEGA special ED makes recycling efficient and sustainable to recover key materials from all types of lithium-ion batteries. The main benefits of using ED in Li-ion battery recycling process are:

  • Reduction of the production complexity and waste management.
  • High purity commodity Li2CO3 product where SO42- < 0.05 % DMB.
  • Possibility of mother liquor recycling to the neutralization step.
  • It is possible to separate Li2CO3 from Na, K, Rb salts species by precipitation following ED.

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Applications of lithium obtained by ED MEGA

MEGA application for purification LiCl – South America/Canada/China

MEGA currently offers its electrodialysis units for installation in all lithium processing plants. This means lithium processing from brine, rock mining and from battery recycling. The main use of our technology is in

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