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The largest food and beverage processing and packaging exhibition in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia

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On November 7-9, MEGA exhibits at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 in Dubai – visit us at hall 02 stand 281

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We are pleased to invite you to visit us at our stand to discover the most advanced electrodialysis membrane technology and meet the MEGA staff.

When? November 7-9, 2023

Where? Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 - Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 2, Stand 281

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What is Gulfood Manufacturing

What is Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing is a global event for the food and beverage industry, taking place every year in November in Dubai. It is the premier event of its kind in the MEASA region.

This year the expo is open for business from 7th till 9th November 2023 in Dubai World Trade Centre.

As a leading electrodialysis supplier for the food and beverages industry, MEGA will be represented at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023. Our experts will be presenting an advanced electrodialysis technology for the efficient production, separation, and purification of valuable substances in the food and beverages industry.

We look forward to seeing you at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023!

MEGA Electrodialysis and Electrodeionization Applications

Our vision is your solution

If you want to learn how to increase revenue by converting your waste materials into highly profitable raw materials, be sure to visit our booth where we will present the latest innovations in the use of electrodialysis for waste treatment in the food and beverage industry.

The following topics will be presented:

  • How to increase your income using electrodialysis in dairy, focusing on demineralization of sweet and acid whey and other dairy byproducts.
  • The benefits of using electrodialysis to gain enhanced thermostability of WPC & WPI.
  • Electrodialysis as the future technology for organic production for example demineralization without IEX, additive-free pH adjustment for fruit juices and wine, etc.
  • And more...

At the MEGA stand, you can meet our experts who will happily answer your questions and show you practical demonstrations of these technologies. Inspire yourself with our advanced membrane technologies that can improve your business and the environment. We look forward to seeing you at stand number 281 in Hall 2!

Our case studies

Dolomites Milk - Demineralization of sweet whey for nutrition formulas

Dolomites Milk, Italy

Demineralization of sweet whey for nutrition formulas

MEGA was approached by Dolomites Milk to help solve the challenge of processing large volumes of sweet whey of varying compositions from local farmers.

MEGA developed a tailor-made technology solution while maintaining the client's requirement for future expandability and flexibility in the design of the industrial unit.

Dolomites Milk has expanded its unit to full size in a very short time and is now producing demineralized whey at various desalination levels of DWP 40, DWP 50, DWP 70, and DWP 90. The company is selling its products from non-GMO ingredients to producers of nutrition formulas such as infant formula and sports nutrition, and bakery, chocolate, pastry products manufacturing, etc.

Dolomites Milk highlights

Large daily volumes Expanding production capacity Variable desalination levels
View case study Dolomites Milk
View case study Dolomites Milk
Sugar molasses purification

Gorodejskij Sacharnyj Kombinat, Belarus

Sugar molasses purification

MEGA developed a tailor-made solution for demineralization of sugar molasses – purification of sucrose, disaccharide - a molecule composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose.

Industrial installation of two units ELPU 8×EDRII/250 1S proceed 100 t of feed per day at a temperature of 33–37 ℃ and produces a solution containing sugar with a degree of demineralization of 90 %, dry matter content of less than 40 %, and ash content of less than 6 %.

Preliminary purification of the raw material to remove high molecular weight and other non-sugars. Adjustment of the dry matter content to 40 %.

GSK highlights

Waste to product 100 tons per day Ash content lower than 6 %
Ask about this project
Ask about this project
MEGA Electrodialysis EWDU 8xEDR-II/250 Galacteum

Galacteum, Spain

NF cheese sweet whey demineralization

The Spanish company Galacteum, as one of the dairy industry-leading companies, was looking to expand its already broad product portfolio to obtain the highly valuable products from NF cheese sweet whey.

After extensive cooperation with MEGA’s technologists, Galacteum purchased an electrodialysis unit, a high-tech solution for the demineralization of whey-based dairy by-products. The EWDU 8xEDR-II/250 unit enables it to process 50 to 100 t/day of sweet NF whey from cheese production with different degrees of desalination up to D90+.

Galacteum opted for electrodialysis due to its highly efficient separation and cleaning with low operating costs. Thanks to the flawless daily operation of the MEGA unit, the company does not have to deal significantly with annual operating costs (OPEX).

Galacteum highlights

Low OPEX NF sweet whey Variable demineralization levels
View case study Galacteum
View case study Galacteum

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