Euromembrane 2024

MEGA is the general partner of Euromembrane 2024

The world's most important membrane conference in 2024

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EuroMembrane 2024 – Prague, Czech Republic

EuroMembrane 2024 – Prague, Czech Republic

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming conference EuroMembrane 2024 in Prague. As a leader in electrodialysis and electrodeionization MEGA specialists will be presenting the latest developments and innovations in electromembrane processes.

When? September 8-12, 2024

Where? The Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

Join us at EuroMembrane 2024 and participate in the change that drives the industry forward. We look forward to seeing you there!

Watch the invitation from EMS President Elena Tocci!

Meet the membrane experts from around the world in one place!

The conference will host more than 500 speakers from around the world. Among the plenary speakers who will present their topics on water, resources and energy will be Prof. Wanqin Jin, Prof. Jason E. Bara, and Prof. Bart Van der Bruggen.

The conference will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among the participants, as well as showcase the latest developments and innovations in membrane processes.

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MEGA is a proud general sponsor, join us!

EuroMembrane 2024 is the world’s most important membrane conference in 2024, which brings together researchers, industry professionals, and technologists to discuss the latest advances in membrane technologies, including development, and new applications.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of heterogeneous ion exchange membranes and electro-membrane technology, MEGA is proud to be part of this important event.

We are happy to share our experiences of implementing membrane processes in industrial applications, supporting the conference slogan "Research for impact –⁠ membrane processes help solving today’s issues".

Lubos Novak, the owner of the MEGA GROUP

Lubos Novak, the owner of the MEGA GROUP

„We are actively seeking new pathways and innovative solutions, combining membrane technologies with traditional industrial manufacturing processes to help our customers with the modern environmental and economic challenges they face.
We are scientists, manufacturers & visionaries.”