Electrodeionization – EDI modules

High purity water by MEGA innovative continuous electrodeionization process

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MPure™ EDI technology delivers high purity water continuously with no chemical and regeneration needs.

MEGA Electrodeionization (EDI)


What is Electrodeionization

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a continuous membrane water treatment process driven by direct current. The electric field removes ions, salts, organic acids and other charged species from the water, as they pass through ion exchange membranes and resins in EDI modules. EDI is used to produce high purity water. It is usually operated after pretreatment and reverse osmosis process.

Electrodeionization is a highly cost-effective system with no chemical needs, and it produces no hazardous waste at the same time. Therefore, EDI is the key technology to replace conventional mixed bed ion exchange, which requires onsite or offsite chemical regeneration.

Main benefits of MEGA ultrapure water (UPW) system

Advantages of MEGA Electrodeionization (EDI)

The novel MPure™ EDI modules are able to produce high resistivity water with low silica levels, making it attractive for various applications, including high purity water production.

  • Industrial application modules capable of reaching 18,2 MΩ∙cm product water resistivity.
  • MPure™ line of modules covers flow rates from 0,8 m3/h to 15 m3/h within one installed module.
  • Cost reduction by integrating modules into ultrapure water systems – RALEX® HPWU.
  • Suitable for high flow rate systems.
  • Small footprint – suitable for operation inside containers.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Modularity and redundancy – cube-shaped modules offer different options of interconnection.
  • Option for direct discharge of electrode stream.

The benefits of continuous electrodeionization compared to conventional mixed bed technology

Cold, warm and hot electrodialysis processes as cost reduction challenge

Using conventional mixed bed technology, the cation and anion resins must be regularly regenerated by acid and caustic.

On the other hand, electrodeionization is a continuously running process with no need for downtime for resins regeneration. EDI operates without regeneration chemicals, so no equipment such as acid and base storage tanks are required. This dramatically reduces the footprint of the entire EDI water polishing technology. In general, electrodeionization is a flexible and easy to operate and easy to maintenance system.

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MPure EDI from MEGA Best EDI module for Power and Heat Industry


MEGA UPW modules MPure™36, MPure™12, MPure™6

MEGA provides separate EDI modules which vary from different amount of a number of cell pairs. The MPure™ module produces 16 to 18 MΩ·cm product water quality at very high recovery. These modules are designed to replace mixed bed ion exchange at flow rates from 0,8 to 500 m3/h (3,7 to 2000 gpm) and beyond.

The advanced MPur™ stacks continuously produce high-resistivity water with low silica levels. Stacks can be interconnected to provide high-flow blocks. The robust design prevents both internal and external leaks. Exhaustive factory testing of each stack guarantees you will receive the stack in optimal condition, ready to plug in.


MEGA UPW modules specifications

MPure™36 MPure™12 MPure™6
Number of cell pairs 36 12 6
Dimensions (W×H×D mm) 582×802×697 584×811×335 584×811×251
Flow maximum (m3/h) 15 5 2,5
Flow minimum (m3/h) 5 1,67 0,83
Recovery < 97,4 % < 96,2 % < 94,3 %
Current < 16 A < 16 A < 16 A
Voltage < 300 V < 100 V < 50 V
Product water quality > 16 MΩ·cm > 16 MΩ·cm > 16 MΩ·cm

Download the UPW modules datasheet (PDF)
MEGA Ultrapure Water system – RALEX® HPWU

Boiler feed water production by MEGA RALEX® HPWU

MEGA continuous electrodeionization system HPWU is a simple and cost-effective solution based on the range of pre-engineered HPWU systems with MPure™ EDI. Stacks cover flow rates from 5 m3/h to 135 m3/h

  • Dimensions (L×W×H mm): 2 400 × 1 300 × 1 600 (one MPure™36 stack)
  • Dimensions (L×W×H mm): 4 100 × 1 300 × 1 600 (three MPure™36 stacks)
  • Dimensions (L×W×H mm): 4 800 × 1 500 × 2 600 (nine MPure™36 stacks)
Download the HPWU systems datasheet (PDF)
Why to choose MEGA high purity water units (HPWU)

Why to choose MEGA high purity water units (HPWU)

  • Reduce system manifolds.
  • Reduce number of connections.
  • Reduce system manufacturing cost.
  • The most efficient, trouble free DC rectifiers.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly (victaulic coupling).
  • Reliability.

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