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RALEX® Products

EDR stack – RALEX® EDR-IF/250

EDR stack – RALEX® EDR-IF/250

EDR-IF is an advanced EDR stack developed for high salinity water treatment in industrial applications as RO brine concentration, pre-concentration before evaporation, ZLD applications and treatment of different types of industrial waste waters. EDR-IF provides up to 40 % higher performance compared to current EDR stacks in the market. This brings up to 30 % layout reduction as well as significant cost reduction. The robust design guarantess zero internal and external leakages and highly reduced downtime.

EDI stack – RALEX® MPure36TM

EDI stack – RALEX® MPure36™

The advanced MPure stacks developed by MEGA, the experts in electroseparation, continously produce high-resistivity water with low silica levels. Stacks can be interconnected to provide high-flow blocks. Robust design prevents both internal and external leaks. Exhaustive factory testing of each stack guarantees you will receive the stack in optimal condition, ready to plug-in.

Complete EDI unit – RALEX® HPWU

Complete EDI unit – RALEX® HPWU

The range of pre-engineered HPWU systems with MPure™ EDI stacks cover flow rates from 5 m3/h to 135 m3/h. These unit fit the needs of differing industries from micro-electronics manufacturing to the power and heating. Each unit is fatory assembled and tested to shorten installation time and minimize start-up costs.

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