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The world’s leading water trade show in 2019

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On November 5-8, MEGA exhibits at Aquatech Amsterdam — the world’s leading water treatment trade show.

Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 – visit us at hall 01 stand 103

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When? November 5-8, 2019

Where? Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 - RAI Amsterdam, Hall 1, Stand 103

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What is Aquatech Amsterdam

What is Aquatech Amsterdam

The Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading water trade show for process, drinking, and waste water, running from on November 5-8, 2019. MEGA is a part of exhibiting water professionals from all over the world.

MEGA Electrodialysis and Electrodeionization Applications

Our vision, our solution

Inspire yourself by our advanced membrane technology for wastewater treatment. We are committed to minimising environmental impacts through zero liquid discharge and brine treatment.

We will present our latest products and further developments for Electrodialysis and Electrodeionization applications in the water and wastewater segment.

More information about our participation will be posted here in during the next few months. We will introduce you to the upcoming news that will be presented at the exhibition.

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MEGA Aquatech Newsroom

Come and see us at hall 01 stand 103

Come and meet us at our stand at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019

This year our company is presenting a solution for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) by newly developed advanced ED system. Our company having experience from the field of ZLD since 1986 has developed and introduced its new enhanced electrodialysis for the field in 2015. Since then we have developed our concept further and we are proud to introduce our progress to you.

We focus on the environment

Water scarcity and water pollution are serious issues we are facing this is why we are focusing on water recovery in difficult to treat waters, municipal and industrial water recovery, high concentration and high water recovery systems etc.

Zero liquid discharge - ZLD

Zero liquid discharge is our main priority. We focus on processes with a goal of recirculation of all the possible water back to the process with zero liquid waste. The ultimate treatment process has zero or nearly zero impact on the environment. We apply our technology in textile, power, chemical, petrochemical, paper industry, tanneries, breweries.

Ultrapure water - UPW

Ultrapure water production by MEGA Electrodeionization (EDI) is a polishing technology to produce high purity water. It typically operates after pretreatment and reverse osmosis process. EDI technology by MEGA helps many companies in various industries such as the power industry - boiler feed water, rinse water for electronics and semiconductor industry, industrial process water, pharmaceutical industry etc.

11. 7. 2019

Our case studies

Zero Liquid Discharge Water Treatment EDR

ZSNP at Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia

Desalination of tailing ponds after production of aluminium oxide

Slovak leading producer of aluminium, ZSNP headed to the negative impact of its production activities. The feed water for the sludge bed has very high alkalinity (pH 13–14) and contains free NaOH, anions of OH-, CO3 2-, cations of Na+, K+, metals as Al (1 g/l), heavy metals Cr, As, Mo, V and some organic matters.

The typical electrodialysis mode Feed & Bleed has been chosen for this case. Design of membrane process was done with emphasis to reaching the quality of desalinated water (6 g/l) and maximal concentration of brine (180 g/l). The fundamental advantages are in the flexibility of process control allowing to obtain wanted product quality and quantity.

ZSNP highlights

High quality of output water Process efficiency Using waste as a product
Ask about this project
Ask about this project
High purity water system in Energy Usti nad Labem


Rehabilitation and upgrade of process water treatment plant using UPW

MEGA has supplied High Purity Water Treatment EDI units as a part of a novel membrane-only water treatment solution. The facility in the company ENERGY in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, needed an upgrade after decades of heavy duty.

Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and EDI units were selected to process river water into ultrapure water. MPure™ EDI by MEGA has proven to be able to operate in demanding conditions with high CO2 level, cope with differences in input feed and steadily provide the heating facility with the ultrapure water with 16 MΩ resistivity. Contact us below to find out how a similar solution can help your business.

ENERGY highlights

UPW with 16 MΩ resistivity Process efficiency Operate with high CO2 level
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Ask about this project

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